Skincare essentials. For the boys.

Stryke Club was founded by four women with 11 children between us, and we noticed something: Most products are made for girls. We think that’s weird…because boys have skin too! From acne to body odor to chapped lips (plus, shaving), they’ve got a lot to deal with. Why should they borrow from the girls?

We’re on a mission to help guys feel confident through simple and effective grooming products. Join the Stryke Club and change the conversation around male grooming for the next generation.

Stryke Club is:

  • Effective

    All Stryke Club products kill bacteria associated with breakouts without dryness or irritation.

  • SAFE

    We formulate without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and our formulas are proudly cruelty-free — because safety is non-negotiable.

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    Easy to use

    We know you don’t want an elaborate grooming routine. That’s why we build products that fit into your lifestyle: fast, effective, discreet, and unfussy.

  • Less embarrassing

    We call it Locker Room Worthy. With scents (or no scents), packaging, and branding designed just for guys, we’re making skincare less embarrassing.

Your voices of authority

Darci Rosenblum

Mom to abbi and maia

She is Stryke Club’s marketing whiz…a force behind many personal care brands that you know and love: “Method, OLLY, Yes To and now…Stryke Club”


Everywhere Wash - used by the entire family, I stick it in the shower and know they are all-over clean


No phones at the dinner table. When we’re together, we use this time for everyone to get a break from their devices and talk as a family.

Stacy Blackman

Mom to Adam, Noa and Maia

She can’t sit still and loves to innovate when she encounters a problem. Stacy sold her first company in 1999 and launched her second one two years later. Inspired by her teenage son, she is now conquering new territory and taking on male personal care.


The Club Kit - sorry can’t pick just one! The Blackmans are obsessed!


The days are long but the years are short. Hold on to that...and cherish all the moments.

Sheilagh Maguiness

Mom to Charlie & Jack

Dr. Sheilagh is a board certified pediatric dermatologist…and we call her our skin genius! You can join the six-month waitlist to visit her office, or get your hands on her brilliant Stryke Club formulations, based on effective and safe ingredients she’s used for over a decade with thousands of patients.


Face First - the simple, effective, hypoallergenic bacteria killer of my dreams.


Tune in and truly listen to what your kids are saying. Help them name their emotions….and make sure they wash their face! Never too early to learn to take care of themselves.

Nicole Brooks

Mom to Olivia, Sophie, Liam & Estee

At Stryke Club we believe in healthy bodies and healthy minds. Troubled by rising cases of anxiety and depression in her private psychology practice, Nicole noticed that the selfie generation was fueling an unhealthy obsession with appearance. With the launch of Stryke Club, she is giving teen boys simple and effective tools to care for themselves.


Stryke Stick - It’s so effective, plus sleek, chic and portable


Routine, rituals and boundaries will keep you sane and happy.

Spotlight on science

You know when you see “dermatologist-formulated” on our packaging? We’re talking about our co-founder, Dr. Sheilagh Maguiness. She’s a board-certified pediatric dermatologist with a busy clinical practice and a passion for teaching. She is devoted to educating patients, families, and primary care providers about childhood skin conditions.

Through Stryke Club, Dr. Sheilagh helped develop a personal care brand to address the needs of boys in particular. Along with her Stryke Club partners, she set out to fill the gap in boys’ skincare. The team found the perfect combination of mild surfactants (ie: cleansers) and a common, effective ingredient (ie: sodium hypochlorite) to help fight dirt and bacteria – and put them together to make a cleanser specifically for boys.

Spotlight on science