Skincare for the Guys

There’s so much information (and misinformation) about skincare…it can make you dizzy. So we stripped back the buzzwords and focused on the basics. No rules. No routine. Just science-backed solutions and clear skin.

We’re on a mission to help guys find effective products that work for their lifestyle—because everyone deserves to feel confident and love the skin they’re in.

Stryke Club is:

  • Effective

    All Stryke Club products kill bacteria associated with breakouts without dryness or irritation.

  • SAFE

    We formulate without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and our formulas are proudly cruelty-free — because safety is non-negotiable.

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    Easy to use

    We know you don’t want an elaborate grooming routine. That’s why we build products that fit into your lifestyle: fast, effective, discreet, and unfussy.

  • Less embarrassing

    We call it Locker Room Worthy. With scents (or no scents), packaging, and branding designed just for guys, we’re making skincare less embarrassing.

on Science

You know when you see “dermatologist-formulated” on our packaging? We’re talking about our co-founder, Dr. Sheilagh Maguiness. She’s a board-certified pediatric dermatologist with a busy clinical practice and a passion for teaching. She is devoted to educating patients, families, and primary care providers about childhood skin conditions.

Through Stryke Club, Dr. Sheilagh helped develop a personal care brand to address the needs of boys in particular. Along with her Stryke Club partners, she set out to fill the gap in boys’ skincare. The team found the perfect combination of mild surfactants (ie: cleansers) and a common, effective ingredient (ie: sodium hypochlorite) to help fight dirt and bacteria – and put them together to make a cleanser specifically for boys.