Sunscreen = Zits ??

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Dr. Sheilagh helps you protect your skin the right way!

Question:  Every time I wear sunscreen I break out.  What should I do?

Answer:  Don't stop wearing sunscreen!!  There are tons of great options that won't irritate acne-prone skin.  Here's what to look for:

1.  Non-Comedogenic, a.k.a won't clog pores.  These formulas are specifically designed to avoid pore blockage and minimize breakouts. 

2.  Fragrance Free.  Added fragrance can irritate the skin, leading to breakouts or allergic reactions.

3.  Physical Sunscreen.  Mineral (a.k.a physical sunscreen) relies on ingredients like zinc or titanium dioxide to create a physical barrier against UV rays, and won't absorb into or irritate the skin in the same way chemical sunscreens can. 

And finally ... don't forget to wash your face!!  Sunscreen is non-negotiable, but so is washing off the dirt and grime before bed. 


Sunscreen = Zits ??