Should I Use A Spot Treatment If I Get A Zit?

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Dr. Sheilagh gets real about spot treatments.

Question: Why should I use a spot treatment for breakouts?

Answer:  A large pimple is always unwanted and inconvenient. But don’t stress! There are things you can do to shorten the lifespan of a large pimple. Studies have shown that the simple act of washing your face with a gentle cleanser twice daily will already get you off to a great start by reducing the tendency for acne. Still, if that large pimple occurs - reach for a quick and portable spot treatment that you can apply a few times daily even on the go! The kingpin of active ingredients for this type of treatment is salicylic acid. That’s why we include salicylic acid along with other soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients in our Stryke Stick. Pop it in your backpack and use it when you need to zap a zit fast.  

Should I Use A Spot Treatment If I Get A Zit?